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  1. Yeah I feel ya lol. I was never planning on getting a new GPU until I saw the difference in streaming quality with their new cards. Seeing as to how cheap you can get them I figured it was for sure a smart buy vs trying to upgrade my entire rig. That's why I'm aiming for the cheapest card with the chip. I'm hoping the 1650 Super is decently cheap. Then getting that card will be pretty much be the obvious choice.
  2. All this now I'm seeing they are releasing a 1650 in a few days. Givin this will be the same quality encoding I'm wonder what the price should be and just wait for that. I had no idea a new card with that encoding chip was coming on the 22nd.
  3. I had a feeling the encoder was the same on both. What I was wondering as well is if the memory speed difference and what not would matter for something like this. I'm assuming it doesn't but I'm not very good on GPU knowledge. Will the quality be the same for these cards as well as the higher tier cards? As long as it has the Turning Architecture.
  4. Hello Linus Tech Tips Forum! My names Juke. But You'll know me as BubbaJ! I'm a bit of a nerd. Always talk nerd talk. But I need to get to the bottom of this and figured I might as well join the Linus fam here other then just on YouTube. So here's my question/dilemma. For pure live streaming. Which GPU would work better? The 1660Ti or the 1660 Super? I can get the Ti for the same price as the super. So price isn't the issue for me. I'm just wondering which would work out better as a dedicated NVENC Encoder for live streaming. That would be it's only use. Right now I'm leaning towards the TI because I've heard it's the overall better card when it comes to gaming. But I don't need this card for gaming purpose. Would the encoding be the same on each card so the final answer would just be get whichever is cheaper? Or does it make more sense to get one over the other? Thank you all for your advice in advanced! Juke