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  1. The issue:I have a brand new PC that I built myself about a month ago (specs below). On the 10th of November I installed a BIOS update for my Asus TUF X570-Plus Wi-Fi motherboard (v1404, 2019/11/08).Two days later (I had not used my PC in the meantime) I started noticing very frequent stutters in all my games: they freeze for a split second approximately every 20 seconds and then instantly go back to their original framerate.The thing that bothers me the most is that I can't identify the source and the nature of the problem.What I know: ALL my drivers are up to date (graphics, chipset, LAN, Wi-Fi, audio, etc.) Windows 10 is up to date. My system temperatures (CPU, GPU, chipset, etc. are all normal (below 70°C) even under heavy load. My CPU and GPU loads and frequencies are normal and hit their expected values when running games. XMP (DOCP for Asus motherboards) correctly applies RAM frequencies and timings. All my PC's connectors and cables are correctly plugged in. FPS in general are also lower than before (10-20 less). I am getting below-average scores in 3DMark. When recording a benchmark with MSI Afterburner, the 1% low framerate is always around 10-20 FPS (very low indeed, considering that some games average at about 200 FPS) My GPU (RTX 2070 Super) emits a bit of coil whine (buzzing) when playing games (it's normal and it's always been like that). However, during the micro stutters, the buzzing sound also stops for an instant, as if the GPU actually stopped working for a moment. What I've tried: Reset my BIOS settings and re-apply XMP. Re-download and flash the same BIOS version again (I can't revert to a previous version). Reset the CMOS by removing the board's battery. Closing all unnecessary 3rd party processes in the background. Any help would be really appreciated!My specs:CPU: Ryzen 7 3700XGPU: MSI Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super Ventus OCRAM: Viper Steel 16GB 3866MHz CL18Motherboard: Asus TUF X570-Plus Wi-FiSSD: Sabrent Rocket 2TB NVMe