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  1. My current rig runs at 1gb gpu and a 2.8 cpu The msi has a 2gb gpu and 3.6 cpu Will that be a noticeable and worth the upgrade for what i want to do
  2. Fair enough and I'm not worried about future titles I enjoy emulation how would things like citra and dolphin run on a 965m compared to my current 740m its only 1gb more on the gpu and with the cpu the msi has a much better cpu then my i7 4500u
  3. Good point bombastinator i used it during high school and I now use my Asus et2321 which is less powerful all in one, what he is offereing is more powerful and im not into gaming and won't need to run the latest releases I play GTA and fortnite, and emulators. With that info is it really worth it because I haven't used it since the end of 2017
  4. well i am Australian my mac is only worth $700 AUD tops and any other rig is $1000 up and am in school and money isnt in the piture really just want to know if i am getting ripped off and my pc is a Asus Et2321 with a 740m so its more powerful in that picture really so i know how it will run as such
  5. my mates wants to trade his MSi GE72 2QE Apache Gaming Laptop for my macbook pro 2015 is this fair for myself