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  1. What do you mean with "smooth" experience? How much FPS do you have now? Have you plugged your HDMI cable in the graphics card and not directly in your mobo?
  2. So technically: https://www.megekko.nl/product/2046/351421/DDR4-Geheugen/Corsair-DDR4-Vengeance-LPX-2x8GB-3200-C16-Geheugenmodule and https://www.megekko.nl/product/2046/1063417/DDR4-Geheugen/Corsair-DDR4-Vengeance-LPX-2x8GB-3600-Geheugenmodule 3200 CL16 and 3600 CL18 are equal performance wise? But you pay 30 bucks more for the 3600.
  3. Is 3600 memory overkill for the Ryzen 3600? I was told it pairs really well with the CPU, but most of the builds only use 3000 or 3200. Just wondering if it's worth the extra price. Also, how important are the CL timings? Say for example 3200 CL16 vs 3600 CL18, what's "the best"? Also, I never heard of the Rosewill Capstone PSU, are they any good?
  4. I like the look of those Fractal Design cases, I'll have a look and see if it fits my budget. Thanks for the advice! Still can't decide on the SSD though...
  5. Ok, I might look at an extra intake fan then. Any recommendations? I tried the Belgian Pcpp but most parts didn't have sellers / prices, so hard to use.
  6. I'm sold on the SSD, but not entirely sure about the exact type I should go for, done lots of reading and the Crucial P1 and intel 660p often come back, but then I read some negative reviews about the SSD's when they were reaching capacity and slowing down tremendously. Yeah, not sure about the 2060. Want to see how it runs combined with the rest of my new system. It looked as the best bang for your buck card when I bought it a couple of months ago.
  7. Hi guys, Currently running a i5 2500 with 8gigs of ram and a 128GB SSD. Couple of months ago I upgraded my Radeon 7950 to RTX2060, now it's time to upgrade the rest since I feel my system has become unstable ever since. Feels like it's dying / bottlenecking. (random BSODs, PC rebooting during demanding games with sound stutter, ... ) I ran FurMark without problems for couple of hours, so my GPU seems fine. Prime95 gave this error: FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file. Anyway, doesn't matter much, looking for a new rig anyway! My current build list so far: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/PLmcq3 Some extra information What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better. Casual gaming (dad to be) + every day use. If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, framerate, game settings) Currently using a 24" inch monitor, might upgrade later. High/Ultra @ 1080p. What is your budget (ballpark is okay)? I already bought a graphics card (RTX 2060), got € 800 left. In what country are you purchasing your parts? Belgium, Europe. Provide any additional details you wish below. Not entirely sure about the SSD. Do I need extra case fans if I'm not really planning to OC? I read the MAX version of the mobo does NOT need to be flashed to be compatible with the latest Ryzen CPU's, is that correct? Any other comparable cases I should look at? I like the minimalistic / clean design of it. Memory brand / speed ok? I read that 3600 is ideal for the Ryzen 3600 650W PSU enough / overkill ? Should I wait for black friday sales / holiday sales? Thanks in advance for the feedback!