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  1. hi all so i currently have r3 1200 stock wraith cooler. does any one now good cheap cpu cooler that will keep my overclocked cpu temp lower .
  2. Hi all So i have just overclocked my r3 1200 cpu to 3.7ghz and 1.28 volt and ran aida64 stability test for 10m and my temps are 68-72 Celsius and i was wondering is that good or bad and should i keep it like that or change it down little bit?
  3. How much cooling do you consider adequate ??
  4. Hi everyone , so i was wondering can i overclock my r3 1200 with a evga 500w 80 bronze PSU , because i dont know if it will work or not.? spec sapphire 570 8gb evga 500w 80 bronze asrock b450m pro 4 f patriot viper 2x4 gb
  5. Hello So i have just bought my self a new gpu sapphire rx 8gb after installing it and installing the drivers from the disk i closed my pc case and my pc shut off and keeps showing ma an windows bootb manager 0xc00000000f error Spec Evga 500w 80 bronze ASRock B450M Pro4 f Patriot viper 2x4 Ryzen 3 1200 And every time when i try to use start-up repair it gives me a message "press advanced options to try to repair your pc or shut down to turn off your pc" And every time when i write bootrec /fixmbr and then bootrec /fix boot it tells me access denied And if i reinstall windows will that help??
  6. Hi so i have decided to buy new gpu but i dont know which one is better or are they both the same . Msi amd rx 570 8 gb or sapphire rx 570 8gb nitro+ Spec Evga 500 bronze Ryzen 3 1200 Viper patriot 2x4 gb Asrock b450m pro4 f
  7. Ok thanks for the advice ill just save up little bit more money and going to buy new one instead
  8. So am thinking about buying one gpu that was used for mining on ebay so i was wondering if i do buy it do i need to flash my bios type thing or is it just plug in install drivers and play type thing??
  9. i was thinking buying sapphire radeon or Msi
  10. Hello everyone So i have decided to buy new gpu which is RX 570 4gb , but i dont know what model i should get become some of them are cheaper and some of them are more expensive spec 500W evga 80 bronze ryzen 3 1200 viper patriot 2x4gb Asrock b450m pro4 f
  11. Hello all So i had problem with my pc i couldn't install windows for some reason , so i have gave it to the repair shop and they said that GPU dosen't operate when drivers are installed and i was wonder is there a way i can fix this or do i need new one ?