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  1. Update, Think I fixed it by disabling the nahimic service, It seems it comes with the motherboard and causes a whole host of issues. Will keep updated hopefully this resolves it.
  2. So I upgraded my pc today, My original setup was using a 7700k and a maximus IX Formula (I ended up upgrading earlier than anticipated because my motherboard bricked itself). I am now running the same specs but with a 9900k and Maximus XI Formula. My full specs are below. i9 9900k 8Cores@5.0Ghz 32GB 3200mhz CL14 TridentZ GTX 980 TI - STRIX EDITION Asus Maximus XI Formula C:/ 512gb M.2 SSD (Samsung 960 Pro) I have done several stress tests, P95, Cinebench 20, OCCT and I am fairly confident my OC is stable, Also to eliminate this as a problem I have experimented with higher voltages and no OC as a control. This issue persists across all. For most cases performance is as expected, I get good fps in games, Even CPU intensive ones like Arma that rely heavily on single core performance. Cinebench score was well within expectations and cpu intensive rendering is performing like a dream. HOWEVER. I am having a very strange issue in that whenever I try to launch a program I click the shortcut, Be it on the start menu or taskbar or even on my desktop..... Nothing happens. No proper click animation, But then about 15 seconds later the app will open up as if I had only just clicked it then. Also when I click the start menu maybe 1/10 times it is not responsive to button clicks at all. I even had microsoft excel do the delayed button click thing. Very strange and I have never experienced anything like it before. Any ideas?
  3. Update from me. I have taken apart the pc, removed components and tested until I have gotten to just the bare board and psu. No luck. I have tried a different psu and the issue persists. Nothing I have tried including reseatjng the board / cpu etc has had any effect. I am certain it is a board issue. The board leds come on and the only functional button seems to be the clear cmos button. No posting. No fans. Nothing. I think the board Is bricked.
  4. my computer off as normal. I woke up this morning and tries to turn the PC on. Absolutely nothing happened. The lights were on in the pc so my first assumption was that the power button on the case was broken somehow. So I tried the switch on the mother board and that didn't wrong either. No POST, no fans. Nothing. I have tried a different power supply / swapped ram out / tried a different wall socket. I have tried clearing the CMOS etc with no luck. I even removed the GPU and C drive an attempt to get it to start POSTing but had no luck. Nothing I have done has gotten it to POST or get the fans to spin. Please help I have a test tommorow and this is some seriously inconvenience timing lol Specs - I7700k Asus Maximus IX Formula 32GB ddr4 tridentZ memory Gtx 980TI Samsung 960 pro M.2 ssd C drive