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  1. so i set xmp on these ones and after a few black screens restarts in posted and it seems to work just fine at 3733mhz and 18CL 21 21 41 68 1,35V
  2. I ordered some other rams and I’ll return these ones. I’ll install ant test them when i get home they r a bit faster 3777 or something like that c18 same manufacturer . Hopefully they will work fine at least at 3600
  3. Aorus 570x elite last bios (10) with 3800x
  4. i tried switching the sata cable on the mobo still same problem. i can see the name in windows and in bios it says i have the driver for it but i cant make a partition out if it it doesnt show up at all in disk management.
  5. Stress test cpu with cpuid no crash stress the gpu with 3dmark no crash stress memory with this memtest nothing, all that with mem at the base 2100. Once i activate xmp i dont even see the windows
  6. Iv put it back to 2100 trying to so a 3dmark run and it shuts down . I dont know what to think anymore im getting really frustrated
  7. Its runing at 90% rn and i have closed xmp and set the multiplier at 3200 and jr dkes t seem to crash and 0 errors for now
  8. With only one stick at a time with normal xmp profile its kmode exception not handled or just black screen
  9. Nope.. blue screen critical process died
  10. And stop code memory management second try
  11. I took one of my old ssd and put it in a new pc, it is found i have the driver but it doesn’t show up on disk management so i can format it and use it
  12. Right now is 17 19 19 19 39 should i go 16 19 19 19 39 or 16 18 18 18 38 ? And what gears down does? It was on auto