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  1. I plan to have her mac edit photos and store everything to the NAS
  2. I was goint to build a NAS to get some experience PC building and to have the option of adding and improving to do other tasks.
  3. I went with the NAS so I could also backup other computers and because my mom hates extrenal drives because they end up unplugged unwittingly and she is very concerned about losing data
  4. Hi I am building a home/home buisness server for my mom's photography buisness. I have been looking through PC part picker trying to fit my 800$ budget without luck. Anyone have any thoughts? I plan to use Seagate Irnonwolf NAS drives likely 2 or 3 terabyte drives. I am planning for the server to store 4 terabytes+ of data so my mom doesn't have to store that many files on the computer. Any help is appreciated I am just diving in to the world of computer building.