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  1. Hi, can anyone recommend a software for Akasa fan control? They support a buch of RGB control apps, but neither works for me. Maybe I need to installextra drivers? It would be great if someone could link a video or sth.
  2. I ran Autoruns as @PorkishPig said. Snd found some kind of doenloader. Disabled it and it helped. Thanks a lot for help!
  3. I use "Open Hardware Monitor" for monitoring temps and loads on my PC. And keeping task manager is not an option for me. If there is a problem I need to remove it.
  4. Hello, my PC CPU load randomly spikes upto 90% and stays like that. When I try to start task manager it goes back to normal load, so I can't see what causes it. I tried scanning with Malwarebytes, didn't help. Tried searching for it in msconfig, didn't find anything either. Can anyone suggest any software to find that virus, or the only option is trying to reinstall windows?
  5. But if I connect that 3pin cabke, I still need to short it right? Or it will start working without doing that?
  6. Hi, I've received a PSU and I was wondering can I start it without connecting it to PC? I just want to see wether RGB lighting on the side works? Maybe just need to plus 5v and aRGB cables? I attached screenshot of cables it has specialy for lighting. Thanks for anwsers.
  7. Hi, I can't change my lock screen language. Tried going through control panel > region > administrative, but it doesn't help. It shows that display language is English, but when I start pc it shows arabic or sth like it. Also tried to install US language pack, didn't work either....
  8. Hello, I have Asus gtx 1660 super dual evo oc. When my GPU hits 50-55°c it makes like touching to a plastic sound. Since fans only turn on when gpu hits 50°c, I tested on my own. I crank up fan speed manualy, for example 20% to 50% and it also makes that sound. What could be wrong?
  9. Hi, I've encountered a small problem. When I plsy CSGO I can hear my PC is humming in some kibd of rythm. It only happens while playing CS. Any ideas? R5 2600 + stock cooler Asus gtx 1660s dual evo oc Silentiumpc supremo l2 650w psu Antec dp301m case ...
  10. Hello, I have a ptoblem that is hard to describe, but I'll try my best... So, I got my new PC and the cooler is kinda loud, when used over 50%. It makes humming sound. Also, while on idle pc reached 50-60°C, on load under 80°C. But the most annoying thing is when I launch a game and play for a while, pc start vibrating (in some kind of patern). It happens randomly and after few minutes stops, then after a while repeats. Do you have any ideas, what could be wrong? PC Specs: Ryzen 5 2600 with stock cooler Asrocj b450m pro4 mb Asus GTX 1660s dual evo oc 16gb 3200mhz hyperx fury ram Silentiumpc supremo l2 650w psu Antec dp301m case
  11. Fan is ramping up, it is fine. I tested it in the load on 100% temps are at 80max Also, when fan kicks in on 50%+ power ir is humming is it fine? It's my fitst desktop so it's a bit loud for me.
  12. Hello, I've bought a new pc with Ryzen 5 2600. I was wondering is 50-60°c normal on idle? I run stock amd stealth cooler. I have antec dp301m case if that has an impact on airflow?
  13. Hey, so I have a question which is quite dumb. I live in a flat where there is only 1 plug sucket, so I must run a extension cord in order to supply power to pc, monitor, printer and a lamp. So the question would be, how do I keep the plug from overload? I'm really afraid that wires inside wall could catch on fire.