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  1. It is from a shop so I could still return it in 14 days with out issues if necessary. Did you had any experience with laptop like that?
  2. Can you elaborate on that. You mean there are way better options for that price?
  3. It is 960 CAD - it is from outlet deal. Box was opened and it was "serviced" - they explained that it had issues with speakers making strange sound after going above 80% volume. They said it is repaired now and is "as new" it is just that box was opened. I will buy it and check it out. I am just wandering can I still upgrade it from Win 10 S to Win Home or Pro for free?
  4. I want it for my wife, get some portable lightweight laptop. It will be used mostly for web browsing and to watch some movies. I thought going for i5 instead of i3 to make it last long time performance wise for few years at least.
  5. Hey All, I would like to know if buying Surface laptop 1st gen is still worth it? Properties Microsoft Surface Laptop 128GB System: Windows 10 Home w trybie S Monotor: 13.5 inch Processor: Intel Core i5-7200U (2.5 GHz, 3.1 GHz Turbo, 3 MB Cache) Cores: 2 RAM: 8GB Disk: SSD 128GB Is it really such a big difference if you have i5 7th gen vs 8th gen processor? Is there anything else I would need to watch our for?
  6. Thanks I will check them out somewhere - especially typing experience.
  7. Hey, @ZusafekAfter some thinking these few days I thought I could go for 15,6 inch (17 inch will not fit in my on-board cheap airlines luggage). @genexis_x I few hours with Yoga X1 recently and actually decided convertible is not something that is necessary. When it come to weight I think that below 1,4 kg would be great for my wife. For me I think I do not care, right now I have Lenovo T460 and it is 1,74 kg anything that is not ridicules like 2.2 kg is fine. Currently I am looking at Lenovo X1 Carbon, X1 Extreme series, X390 or just simply some T590. I look at Lenovo because I love their keyboard but I am open for suggestions. I see in revies that Dell XPS 15 is also nice but it will be probably to expensive
  8. As I wrote I think I Intel i5 8th gen is good enough for me. I think that Intel i7 will just drain more battery and be more expensive. Just checked the HP Pavilion x360 - thanks they look good too. Might be so I will simply choose something that is one on sale on Black Friday so this expands the range of options.
  9. Hi Every, I would like to buy 2 new laptops and since back Friday is coming up I would like to get some advice if what I think of buying is good idea and what to pick for myself. #1 Laptop (for my wife) attributes wanted: Size: Lightweight + 14 inch screen - my wife is petite :D and we regularly travel by airplane 1(4 inch is max. for our on board luggage) Battery: at least 5h of lets say 50% Web browsing + 50% movie watching Usage: mostly used for Web Browsing + watching movie (I am also considering Chromebook but I had never had or even sen one) Processor: intel i5 8th gen or equivalent (My research said there is no need to go for i3 since it is usually just a bit cheaper but it is not worth it. I assume it is different with Chromebooks) Additional: Would be great if it has Tablet Mode/2 in 1 convertible #2 Laptop (for me): Size: Lightweight (bonus) + 14 inch screen - we regularly travel by airplane 1(4 inch is max. for our on board luggage) Battery (same): at least 5h of lets say 50% Web browsing + 50% movie watching Usage: Web Brosing + movies + programming Processor: intel i5 8th gen or equivalent Graphics: for light gamedev that I do integrated is enough - getting dedicated graphics is a bonus Additional: Would be great if it has Tablet Mode/2 in 1 convertible + integrated pen/stylus #1 Laptop picks for my wife: - Lenovo Yoga 530 (14 inch, 16GB RAM, i5 8th gen, 256GB SSD) - 1030 CAD https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/laptops/yoga/500-series/Yoga-530-14-AMD/p/88YG5001050 - I am from Poland but I found ok UK site (AMD only) https://www.lenovo.com/pl/pl/laptops/yoga/500-series/Yoga-530-14-Intel/p/88YG5000978 - Here is a link for Poland it is on Intel and that is why I am considering - ASUS ZenBook (14 inch, Ryzen 5 3500U , 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD) - 1030 CAD https://allegro.pl/oferta/asus-zenbook-14-ryzen-5-8gb-ram-512gb-ssd-win10-8657296241 - sorry it is polish Asus Vivobook (14 inch, 8GB RAM, i5 8th gen, 256GB SSD) - 900 CAD https://www.komputronik.pl/product/617965/asus-vivobook-14-r459ua-ek108t.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA-4nuBRCnARIsAHwyuPozg5jkS_2zCwFcH0vPFasZg5xc_ea88fNP8Z90UB6DxjxV0sF4YlAaApvFEALw_wcB #2 Laptop picks for myself I am still a bit undecided - really like Lenovo Yoga lineup (530 seems as a sensible value for the price) - Lenovo C930 is the dream but is is quite expensive - Is it worth it to get 9** series for the higher price they are asking?