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  1. so should I do SATA to Molex, It feels less risk
  2. my pc have a HDD using sata power and the case light using molex. My modular power supply gives long cables and made cable management difficult, Should I use a molex to sata or sata to molex adapter to reduce the amount of cables or get some cable mod cables to have less cables in my case
  3. So I think I will take out the optane and get a 512gb nvme ssd and clone the games from my hard disk to the ssd, and leave my videos and photos in the hdd. Should I use a Cloning software or reinstall the games into the new ssd? Is the xpg sx8200 pro 512GB a good choice?
  4. My laptop is a Lenovo ideapad 330s, it have a M.2 NVMe with 16GB Optane in it and a 1TB 7200rpm in the sata port, should I upgrade my 16GB Optane memory to a NVMe ssd? since I want faster loading times into games like grand theft auto online, CS:GO and Cities Skylines. Will using a NVMe SSD gives significant performance?
  5. As every product has added RGB in, why wasn't there a RGB PCIe card which you plug into the slot and the whole card just glows? what the card does is actually pure rgb, it doesn't serve any purpose except of glowing in your case, wouldn't this be a great idea?
  6. So what I did is to have different modes of on battery and plugged in and it finally acted the common way, but I still have another concern. Couldn't the gpu usage be used up by frames instead of game quality? since I only tested out that only increasing the video quality could fill up the usage
  7. I'm pretty sure everything is set to maximize performance
  8. I got worse performance when plugged in
  9. resetting cmos don't work, but my board has a bios flash back button, and I flashed a new bios in it and it worked
  10. I got a Lenovo 330S with an i5-8250U and a radeon 535. Today, when I am playing GTA online with 1280x1080 0.5 frame scaling, the frame rate is about 50fps, and when i pull out the power plug, the frame rate drastically increased to ~60 and sometimes 70fps. In the power settings I choose all to maximize performance. I assume this is a CPU problem since when I am plugged the cpu power drops to 7W, and 2400MHz, when not plugged in the socket, the power usage got to 15W, which is the TPW of the CPU, and 2700MHz, how could I solve this problem? I would like my plugged laptop to perform as the unplugged, since why would I want my laptop to be unplugged while gaming? Plugged IN 100% GPU usage GPU 300MHz NOT plugged 50%GPU usage GPU 891MHz Will this be the effect of MSI afterburner? UPDATE The problem here was the GPU clock speed drops when I plugged in, therefore the usage increases, Is this power throttling and if it is, why?
  11. I own a Ryzen 3500X with MSI B450 Tomahawk Max. I raised the base clock from 3600MHz to 4000MHz, then the pc crashed and I could not post, my monitor is showing no signal and I tried removing the CMOS battery it still didn't post. The cpu led is lighted on on the motherboard which means cpu fail. Is my CPU dead or what