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  1. I also forgot to mention that with the GPU plugged to motherboard, the Q error LED on motherboard was on indicating to VGA.
  2. It does, once i removed the GPU and started the PC again it booted normally.
  3. it's complete new build, first boot was yesterday so no prior GPU was installed, however there's the integrated graphics with the CPU. Could that be an issue? and if it could how do i solve it?
  4. Hello everyone,So, i finished my first build yesterday, but the PC won't post with my RTX 2080, i switched slots, tried different cable but still won't post.GPU lights switches on, but no signal. however, I know it's the GPU because when i took it off, and used the Motherboard HDMI, PC works fine and i am actually using it to write this.Any ideas? or is the GPU simply faulty? Thanks and help much appreciated.Build specs are:GPU: Asus rog strix RTX 2080CPU: AMD 3400G (Temporarily until 3950X is available)Motherboard: Asus X570-e gamingRAM: 32GB Trident z neo 3600mhz CL16PSU: 1000W be quiet dark power pro 11