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  1. Thank you guys! for all your great recommendations!
  2. Wow; Thanks m8. Is an I3 enough vor virtualization for multiple vms ?
  3. Thanks, for the reply! The GPU would come in use for the live Video feeds. Atleast I think. Do ireally need that much RAM ? I wont be gaming on it
  4. Budget (including currency): about 1.000€ with a bit of wiggle-room Country: Germany Workloads that it will be used for: staring as a file server, outdoor camera surveillance, and as a general workhorse for mundane stuff Other details: building a home server to store my media and important back up files, eventually adding security recording. Its gonna live in the attic. CPU: Maybe Ryzen ? MOBO: I dont know/ Open for suggestions GPU: Might buy a new onne for my desktop and use a GTX760 RAM: 8-16Gb of RAM Storage: Propably NAS / WD Purple maybe an SSD cache idk yet PSU: depends on the above As far as OS is gonna go: Propably Linux and KVM VM to run Windows in a vm as a hsot for Blue Iris. Is BlueIris really the way to go ? any alternatives maybe ?
  5. https://www.notebooksbilliger.de/blackweekend/foscam+netzwerk+blackweekend Has Anyon some experience with FOSSCAM ?
  6. Would be a great little project But Id want it to be reliable. I havent checked out OpenHAB or Node-Red
  7. It doesnt need to be PoE. But It should be able to save all captured footage on a local device. I am a pretty tech-savy guy, so opensource would be really great
  8. It depends on what you want to do. Is compatability with Mobiles etc important to you ? How deep into ML do you want to dive ? From my Experience Tensorflow and espacially the KERAS interface is REALLY easy to get started in.
  9. Budget (including currency): Somewhat Open budget, Up to 4k€ but lower is better Country: Germany Uses: I want to install a home Security System mainly consisting of cameras. I am looking for good cameras / a ecosystem to buy into. I am not interested in paying a company monthly. It would be grat if all the data management is done by me/ on location. A remote acces is not really mandetory. I recently watched the ubiquity Video. I'd want it to be somewhat like that. But I am overwhelmed by the cheap cameras and weird ecosystems on the market.