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  1. Hi everyone. So I have a laptop that have a i7-8750H and I've noticed that it goes all the way to 95-100C while playing. It does not stay at that temperature but it frequently gets there. Also if I do a stress test it gets stable at 3.5 GHz and 88C. Is this normal on this CPU? Thx all
  2. HP OMEN 17-an107np 17.3" Gtx 1060 16Gb ram i7 8750H 1080p 120Htz
  3. Hi guys. So I recently got a new laptop with an i78750H. When I run a stress test on it It goes up to 70C (72C max) and after like 20 sec I get "Power Limit Throttling". The CPU should go up 4.1Ghz but it gets up to 3.9Ghz and start going down cuz of the throttling. There is any fix for it?