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  1. Hey I am trying to work out if I am too ambitious for my current setup. I have a: Asus rampage extreme VI Mobo i7 7820x 2 1080 ti's 1 Samsung 960 1TB nvme drive for OS corsair AX860i power supply What my plan was to do was to make use of the DIMM .2 Riser card that came with my mobo to populate it with 2 970 2TB nvme drives to expand my storage. my question is I can get one of those said drives to show up in disk manager, where I allocated a drive name and partitioned the drive, the other though, seems to be lost in the ether, I can't find it in the BIOS nor in the disk manager. My theory is that ether I have run out of pci-e lanes and I can only fit that one drive in, or I need to set them both up in some raid arrangement, or if there is something I could be missing like a BIOS setting. (which would be too easy to solve). Maybe my power supply is just too small or maybe my riser card is only half busted? coincidence? Hopefully not. Any help would be much appreciated in advance!