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    Dual Xeon E5 - 2687W v3 10 core 20 Threads
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  1. First, what kind of CAT cable are you using? Second, What model router do you have? Third, do you know the what type of NIC you are using?
  2. I have a feeling that the OP is never going to post on LTT forums again...
  3. The thing is that those tests wont tell you anything about the health of the AIO pump. Its a physical problem not a CPU chip problem. You need to check to see if you have warranty on the AIO. You might need to get it replaced.
  4. Ah i see now. You are using an AIO. It might be the pump inside the cpu block. Also have your put your ear to where exactly the noise is coming from? How is the Powesupply fan?
  5. ok now we are getting somewhere. so if you lowered the fan speeds on both cpu and gpu you hear a noise. Are you using a mechanical harddrive? CPU's dont make any noise but the cooler fan definitely can if its defective or there is something obstructing it.
  6. I second this @Blatcher2. Most likely it was intentionally designed to behave this way if removed from the enclosure.
  7. So i am going to take a guess and say thats its your cpu fan thats making the noise under extended heavy load. Did you apply thermal paste when you install the cpu cooler? also keep in mind that India is a very hot place so your temps will always be an issue (unless you watercool).
  8. Hmm, seems like its isolated to the way the drive interfaces with the controller. If i where you, i would just transfer the data using the old enclosure even though it will be painfully slow rather than risk losing the data. Once your data is transferred then go ahead and install it inside your pc and reformat.
  9. LOL. Yeah when you increase fan speeds you will hear noise, just like when you turn on a house fan......... ?
  10. So i am still not understanding what your trying to get at. Are you having odd noises from the CPU fan? What does the GPU have to do with your original question? Please clarify what you are asking.
  11. What is this term "shucked" mean? As to your question, was it recognized normally when plugged into usb? If it was you can buy a cheap usb 3.0 external enclosure and that should help with the speeds.
  12. Well like i said, it all depends. i find the numpad very handy when i want to type up arithmetic in my code.