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  1. I realize this is kind of an obscure topic, but I'm really hoping someone out there might know about this. I'll do this one bump since the topic fell from the first page, but after that I'll let it get buried.
  2. I decided that with my new build I wanted to purchase a UPS to plug it into. I admit I didn't do my homework thoroughly enough and purchased an APC BACK-UPS 1100VA/600W model# BN1100M2. After getting the unit home I did some more research and found that most modern PSU's (including the Corsair RM650 I purchased for my new build) have a feature called 'active PFC' which means they need power delivered in true sine wave form. The BN1100M2 does not do this, it delivers power in a 'stepped approximation to a sine-wave,' which could cause the computer to shut down unexpectedly in the event of a power outage and switching over to battery power. However, on the APC product page for the BN1100M2, if you click the button next to "Want additional product information?" it mentions the product is "active PFC compatible." Further down the page it says this, "APFC Compatibility: Ensures electronics that have active PFC power requirements will not unexpectedly shut down when switching from utility power to battery power during an outage." This is literally all they say about this feature. Link to APC Product Page, click the blue button that says "Show Product Overview" to see the listed feature in the "Overview" section. One more weird thing is that the model number match between the website and the actual box the UPS came in, but the website calls it the Back UPS PRO, whereas PRO is not mentioned anywhere on the box I have. Does anyone know if I can use this UPS fine with my current PSU thanks to the "active PFC compatibility" feature, or should I return the model I have and switch to one that outputs in true sine wave form?