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  1. amd ryzen 5 3600, coolermaster mwe 650w gold psu, 8gb 2666mhz adata, b450 pro vdh max
  2. ryzen 5 3600, stock cooler, 8 gigs 266mhz , 650w coolermaster gold certified,
  3. got a new vega 56 , DDUed nvidia drivers before installing amd drivers
  4. before installing amd drivers, i ddu the previous nvidia drivers. how can i fix this problem. the temps while gaming is 50-65 c i havent tinkered with any settings on the gpu
  5. i currently use 1080p 60hz screen but i will buy a 144hz one soon, nvidia cards are really unreasonable here in nepal, wanted to buy 2060 , costs 530$ haha
  6. this one https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-RXVEGA56GAMING-OC-8GD#kf
  7. so should or shouldn't i buy this card?, sadly i dont have much better options either
  8. i just saw some people saying to flash 64 bios ,undervolt,overclock, didn't understand anything
  9. how good is the card?, researched about it abitzjust got more confused