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  1. I ran memtest 2 times, the whole 4x14 tests. No issues. What now? Defective mobo? What else should I test to see what exactly is causing this weird mix of problems?
  2. i tried setting up memtest88 or whatever it is called, but I am just to stupid to get it to work I guess.
  3. So this is my system: Ryzen 5 3600 B450M Tomahawk by MSi 2x3200 Dual 16 Kit from Vengeance Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT Problem is the following: 1. Starting the PC either results in 50% "No Signal" or 50% Startup with various speed to homescreen 2. When doing 2 things at once - e.g. Youtube playing and starting up a game, PC can freeze, audiostutter, lose signal and play audio etc. 3. I have run Benchmarks and Windows 10 RAM-Diagnostics but nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. 4. Monitor is not the problem, I tried multiple once with different Input-variants 5. Games like Tomb Raider used to run flawless, now it sometimes just wont load and I can't even manage to enter task-manager 6. I can only play fortnite fairly smoothly - SO HELP IS REALLY NEEDED My guess is defective RAM. I will be sending in my Dual Kit to my vendor, since I have a service level gold attached to by order from back when, so replacement should be easy. Any other guesses or fixes are always welcome!
  4. Will make sure to get ease on the cables. Might have to reduce cable Management for less strain.
  5. New Monitor and old Monitor had the same Problem. Will check if all cables are set tightly Inside
  6. When I start my PC, it is basically a miracle if my monitor gets a signal or not. It does not matter if it via HDMI or DP. Most of the time, after hitting the restart button on the front panel of my case, I get a signal. What is wrong here? Win 10 Home 64x R5 3600 RTX 5700 XT Sapphire Pulse Edition Dual Ram 16 GB MSI B450 Tomahawl Error message is the standard of "No HDMI" or "No DP" Input
  7. Ryzen 5 3600 5700 XT B450 Tomahawk I got an fairly old Asus Monitor which Made no Problem for the last 5 years, but now working with HDMI cuz of the Ports of my GPU I am experiencing an issue. I start the PC after workday, my Monitor has Power all the time so it starts from stand by - which was no Problem with my old system and VGA connection. Now I have to turn of pc manually once and after restart it gets a Signal. Whats wrong?
  8. You mean I just got to insert the usb in the 3.0 usb Panel and hit start? So no bis required to get Installation going?
  9. Hi guys! System is r5 3600 Sapphire Pulse 5700 XT B450 Tomahawk All troubleshooting LEDs are off, but no picture. 1.Do I have to plug the Monitor into the Motherboard or into the GPU? I only had an VGA connector, so I went Motherboard, did not give me a post/picture. 2. What is the next step after getting a post? Hammering F11 and stuff? I got a USB with win10 to boot and installiert the OS.
  10. Hey guys! I will soon start the building process of this one build. Any particular infos I might have missed in my hours of research or any experience with seen parts? Any advice is appreciated. PS: I know the case wont be everybodys favorite.