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  1. Prefer amd processor. For casual use and some general work. Include a some graphics card if possible Thank you.
  2. thats sad. the huawei router doesnt give me much control as i would like. any suggestions? i want to limit data usage for some users, and kick users that i dont want on the wifi.
  3. can anyone suggest me a good router (netgear or something nice) with a gpon port? below is an example of a gpon port for anyone who might not know by the name. thank you.
  4. oh sorry i forgot to mention i want a full size keyboard.
  5. I want to buy a cheap mechanical keyboard with clicky switches. any brand of switches is fine. edit: i want a full size keyboard
  6. ah thank you. that makes sense. that was some nice explanation.
  7. so there are dual channels by default in the mb? one is the 1st and 3rd slot and the second is the 2nd and 4th slot? like that?
  8. I saw in a previous post that four ram sticks can run in dual channel. How does that work? Do i have to make any changes after installing them to my motherboard? I have a B450 gaming pro carbon ac motherboard with a ryzen 3700x chip at the moment. Thank you.
  9. Where can i buy the tecware spectre pro rgb keyboard in the usa?
  10. i want a monitor arm thats compatible with my monitor which is a DELL SE2419H thank you.
  11. MSI B450 pro carbon ac. AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
  12. Need helping windows on my PC. Please tell me how to install on UEFI mode.
  13. I am trying to install Windows on my new pc and it gets stuck in reboot loop. Doesn't get to the installation part. But can go to BIOS.
  14. Need A Good Motherboard for a Ryzen 7 3700X + RTX 2060 Give me as many options as possible! The budget is around $110-$130
  15. This is a wonderful setup. Ill probably go for the RX 5700 after i take a look into it.
  16. Oh, thank you. This is new for me. Thank you for your information. Glad to hear about your opinion. I will check into the RX5700 before i buy a gpu.
  17. Thank you, this will help me in building my pc.
  18. I want to build a pc for $1000 without the peripherals and monitor. Also what would be the budget if i wanted a build that included ryzen 7 3700x and RTX 2060? Thank you.