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  1. my screen saver is set to start after 30 minutes, and I don't see and auto dim setting
  2. this has only started happening within the past few days, if I'm not doing anything my laptop screen will go black within a minutes, but the backlight will still be on. I've checked the power settings, the screen saver settings and the unattended sleep timeout setting and all of them are set correctly for this not to happen in addition after 10 minutes (my normal sleep time) the backlight turns off and it does go to sleep. when the screen does go black moving the mouse or pressing anything immediately goes back to where it was before, unlike when it goes to sleep and it goes to the lock screen on wake up some extra info -all my drivers are up to date -the laptop is an asus gl702vmk -I've checked that there's not malware or anything -I haven't changed any settings in the past month at least -I don't think it's due to any windows update -my screen isn't having any flickering or any other issues -crystal disk info show my ssd and hdd are fine -power plan is high performance