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  1. I was looking at reference prices to sell my old system with a 4350 in it, everywhere I look they're selling for over 400 dollars, and at Walmart they're listed at 1300! That processor sold for like 80 dollars new, why is selling for so much more now?
  2. Curious of your cooling solutions for 8700k or similar CPU. I want to know your clock speed and average temp after small stress like Cinnebench or something. I recently had to redo my OC and I can't get my chip back up to 5.0ghz stable. I thermal throttle after about 1.34v or so with my H100iV2. Even at like 1.3 or 1.32v I hit upwards of 95c on all cores, which seems really hot running for that chip and cooler.
  3. Basically I walked into my room the other day and smelled a burning smell, it almost smelled like wet paint. I concluded it was coming from my PC and immediately shut it off. The smell was strongest near the psu (a decent cm750 semi modular unit ive had for about 4 or 5 years). I powered it back on to see if the smell was coming from there, and best I can tell it is. So i left it off for the day. The next day I walked in and decided to do some cable management behind my desk and left my pc on at idle to look at CPU and GPU temps while I did to make sure they weren't the culprit. After about 10 minutes my PC shut itself off, and immediately tried to power itself back on, but failed and turned off again. It repeated this cycle until I unplugged it, and its been sitting there since. I want to know if this sounds like a PSU or possibly mobo issue and if there is any for sure way to determine which it is before I buy parts I dont need.
  4. I leave my computer on a good majority of the time anyway for netflix and such. The main reason I wanted the server was so a couple of my buddies could remote into it if they needed to change something on the server that type of thing, and just didnt want them to remote right into my main desktop
  5. Well currently my friend is running the modded mc server off his PC while we play and it isn't too bad, but I figured a dedicated server (even with worse specs) might be better. We're probably mainly going to use it as MC and not so much GMod. He's running a 6700 or 7600 (I don't quite remember) and a 1060 6gb with 16gb ddr4 and has like 8 dedicated for the server. Would it be better to keep running it off that or possibly just have it run off my main PC as opposed to using that server setup? My PC is an 8700k @5.0ghz msi trio 2080 and 16gb ddr4
  6. Basically I took all my old hardware and threw it in an old optiplex case to use as a server for some games my friends and I like to play. We plan to run a public Gmod server and a private modded mc server that a couple of us will be on. The main question is, will the existing 5400 hdd be good enough for this, or will it get too slow when servers are running with multiple people. Should I just get a simple 120gb ssd and use that instead? Server specs: AMD 4350 4c4t EVGA 1050ti 4gb 12gb G.Skill Ripjaw 1666mhz