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  1. What about the non Max Q 2060 variant? would that be comparable the laptop 2070?
  2. Yeah the size difference is pretty noticeable. Wouldn’t a 17 dissipate more heat then a 15? I’m not exactly sure the difference in performance between the 2060 and the 2070 Max Q...
  3. Theoretically I’d be dealing with my local Best Buy as I’d be getting it from there along with the warranty they offer. Still that pretty atrocious... I’ll keep that in mind...
  4. Hello Everyone! Long time lurker, first time forum poster! I was hoping I could get some decent advice on picking a new gaming laptop/school laptop. I've narrowed it down between two laptops that I can pick up for discounted near me: Option 1: Alienware 17.3 ($1295.99 ) Intel core i7 8th gen - 16gb Ram RTX 2070 MaxQ - 1080p 60hz - 1tb Hybrid HDD with 512 SSD Option 2: Razer Blade 15 ($1177.99) Intel core i7 8th gen 16gb ram - RTX 2060 1080 240hz (I think) - 512gb SSD Any help would be much appreciated as I'm unfamiliar in the laptop space and deal more with desktop PC's. What matters to me most is battery life, screen, and a little portability. But I do know you have to sacrifice some things for the power a gaming laptop brings. I just want the best performance for the best buck, and something to last me the next 2-3 years. Thanks!!!