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  1. So here comes the day where i finally gave up. I bought FH4 maybe a month ago. And it played out fine for the later days to come. But around one week in the month a bug started to happen. Where the game would go from 120 fps on ultra ( 2560 x 1440 ) to around 40. The first couple of days i figured that maybe it would use the CPU as rendering device or something. Since high ingame GPU usage and 4-11% in task manager. I have now come to the conclusion that maybe its not the CPU. It might be the GPU's vram or system ram that it's not using enough off. To be honest i dont know anymore. The game was everything for me, therefore i went out and bought a used GPU ( same as before just diffrent brand. From ASUS to MSI ).. Still the same. I have spend at LEAST 100 hours diving into BIOS and system files. Reset windows. Tried older versions of windows. I tried EVERYTHING.... This is a dumb thing that nobody have to go through. Making such an expensive game and then making some people sit day and night trying to fix it. I have read on the internet and forums that im not alone in this. And someone tried to fix it for 6 months. Sometimes it works. But it takes 1/100 restarts of the pc and powering the system off before it runs perfectly. Maybe 1-2 times a week im able to play this game... IF i sit and restarts my pc 100+ times. I have my whole life been sitting and working with pc's. So every small and quick sulution have been tried. All the troubleshoots i could and all the fixed i could think off have not worked. My pc specs is WAY over average so the problem is not there. ( 120 fps GTAV on ultra ).... Is it, or is it not possible for me to get my money back. At least that. I have spend countless hours and countless money on this.. I cant take this anymore. Either my money back, or maybe some technical GOD somewhere in the world can help me with fixing this.. Here is my specs. ( taken from steam bio ) ● Intel I7 9700k ( Overclocked to 4.9Ghz ) ● Nvidia GTX 1080TI ● 32 GB Corsair Vengeance ● Asus Rog Strix z930-F ● Samsung Evo 500GB SSD ( System ) ● Seagate 1TB ( Plex server ) ● Toshiba 5TB ( Games n **** ) ● 1 x Acer Predator 2k Ress 240 Hz and 2 x standard 60hz. ● 4x Corsair LL140 RGB Fans ● Razor Chroma BlackWidow Elite ● Steelseries Arctics 7 pro ● Steelseries Rival 300 ● Internet : Stofa 600/600 ● Chair Throttle Series Pewdiepie Edition ● Part of the VR club. Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers UPDATE Cpu is hitting in benchmark mode over 150 fps and so on. But gpu is hitting 50 fps with a LOT of stutters. What is causing this? ( check screenshot ) Im so sorry for posting this here. But im out of ideas and i need a miracle.