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  1. 1. Recently 2. Cougar VTE 600W 80+ Bronze 3. Only my GPU but its stable in games. 4. Yes CPU runs at 45c even in gaming and my GPU goes up to 60c Max in the titles i play. 5. Nope. But honestly woulnd't want to.
  2. Pretty much the title explains it. I launch any game and almost all programs crash like OBS,ICUE,Steam and more. CPU: 1500x GPU: RTX 2060 16 GB of RAM Windows 10 Pro Thank you for the help in advance.
  3. So for some reason my microphone keeps coming only out of the right side of my headphones. It is mono obviously but i only have 2 channel options. No matter what I do it doesnt work. Its a pretty random cheap microphone but It used to work before.
  4. Streaming. And just making sure if anyone can tell me immediately something.
  5. CPU: R5 1600X GPU: RTX 2060 OC RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666MHz And that is mostly what you would maybe want to know Should i use the NVENC or x264 ? What x264 setting ? Thank you in advance!