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  1. since when is a 2060 worth 380 pounds? isn't it like 300$ usd, new, if you get a decent deal. I think it's probably worth around 550-700 pounds, depending on markets, some places stuff is worth more.
  2. 85 watts of overage should be good, considering that psu is 80 plus gold, you could always undervolt a bit if you have too.
  3. looks balanced to me, as Dedayog already mentioned, the cpu cooler could be taken out, if you wanted to say a bit of money, but other than, it looks solid
  4. Ok, I fixed it, so my page file didn't have enough space on my drive, and I would guess this is the only game that used the page file.
  5. The game doesn't need an update, I'll try downclocking the gpu
  6. If I'm understanding what your saying right, you pop out the old IO shield, and pop in the new one, which should be included with your mobo
  7. I recently started playing ac:syndaticate, and have been having some issues with it crashing, since the other day, I'm not sure why. It isn't the hardest to run game I have, and no other games seem to be having this issue. Basically everything on my pc is oced, but I doubt it's an unstable oc, because it runs benchmarks, and other games, just fine. anyone have any ideas?
  8. yeah, it seems to be doing the same thing on the other power, so I'll just order a dongle
  9. So try plugging it into another plug, I am running everything off a power strip, I don't know if that would effect anything, I'm don't know much about electricity, also I just noticed the static seems to only be in the right ear, and I am getting what seems to be normal, but very low audio out of the left
  10. I was planning on getting a dongle if I couldn't get it to work Is there any way fix that?
  11. yes I have, it seems I get some very static sound if I boost it all the way, but it's quiet, and is drown out by the static, like I can hardly hear my keyboard with very loud blue switches. The static also seems to be a lot worse from the front ports than the rear
  12. It doesn't matter what mic I use, as I have tried three, and they all work fine on my phone, but whenever I try and use them on my pc, it doesn't pick up my audio, and only seems to pick up static, this is happening with both front, and rear jacks. I have tried windows "high definition audio" drivers, and the ones from gigabytes support page, which are realtek. I would think it is driver issues, but I don't know what other drivers to try, the other audio jacks playback fine, it's just mic. It also seems to be low through the rear jack.
  13. was able to fix it by greasing the fan bearings
  14. does it also happen when playing other games? could be a slightly corrupted game file if not
  15. did you change anything on the system recently by chance?