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  1. Also, what is a good deal then? I don't really want to go old hardware because I want to future-proof.
  2. Ok, I was thinking this anyways, but I am looking through and there are so many different types of rx 580. I don't know which one to get... I just used the XFX 8GB for reference. Also RAM and motherboard are something I haven't decided on yet. Any pointers?
  3. Still nothing, but thanks for trying guys. I guess my hardware is just too old.
  4. Hello, I am looking to build a new system and I was wondering if this is a good choice for a system. I am looking at either an i3-9100f paired with an rx 580, or an i5 9400f with an rx 570. They are practically the same price and I am wondering which build is better. I am a gamer and I like to stream sometimes. I play at 1080p 60 Hz.
  5. That is the driver I am running.
  6. I am running normal drivers that I got directly from Nvidia's website, and I am taking advice and am going to keep it at stock. If I am running the wrong drivers, could I get a link to the correct ones?
  7. All connections are plugged in and I tried switching PCI e slots. Nothing. Also I have to overclock to play games. This pc was gifted to me for my birthday and I am 14 so I can't just buy a new GPU. I am getting an rx 580 at Christmas but I need to be able to play games still.
  8. Hello, so I was messing around with my graphics card today, trying some overclocking and when I try to test it, the card will always run at 405 MHz. I have tried down clocking, setting power limits lower, higher, restarting, and everything is set to max performance. When I restart, the speeds are fine, but when I go to open even CHROME the speed slices in half. It is running at about 30-40 degrees (Celsius) so thermals shouldn't be the problem. I have attached a screenshot of my issue. Yes, I know I maxed everything but this card doesn't go far anyways and I get max performance when I max everything out. Build: Intel Motherboard (Dell XPS 8000 sieres) Core i5-2320 ~3.00 GHz (3.3 max boost) EVGA GTX 460 SE (Overclocked to an extreme) TX650w Corsair PSU Crappy XPS case Random 60 Hz 1080p monitor (old)