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  1. Damn, that's really unfortunate thank you for finding that
  2. So I just bought this new monitor; ASUS ROG Strix XG279Q, and I have mostly everything turned on: G-Sync, 165hz at 1440p, E-LMB sync, and my own color calibration, but for some reason the "OD" or overdrive setting on the monitor isn't illuminated and won't let me select it, and this is the way to get faster response times, so I'd like to use the feature. Anyone know how to maybe resolve this issue?
  3. yea thank you, I still have time to return this motherboard and I didn't know the power was so weak, I actually didn't purchase this ssd, so there's no real way for me to swap it out.
  4. Hey, I am a very new PC builder and looking to get some on opinions on the two cases I'm looking at. The first one is the NZXT h710 which is one I actually already bought, on sale even, but I'm now pretty concerned about the airflow of the case. I just discovered the cooler master H500M and man that is a beast of a case, and basically $100 more expensive, so should I keep my NZXT or go with the H500M? Or even just sell back the h710 and wait for a deal for the H500M? (for those that are curious) My current build is: -Ryzen 3800x CPU -Be quiet! dark rock pro 4 CPU cooler (haven't bought yet) -Msi x570 gaming pro carbon motherboard -Tridentz neo 3600 16gb RAM -ROG strix NVIDIA 2070 super GPU (haven't bought yet) -samsung 970 pro 1tb m.2 SSD -seagate barracuda pro 6tb HDD case tbd (please feel free to give any helpful comments or tips about my build, again I am very new, so there is a high chance I'm messing something up)