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    Bengaluru, India
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    Mechanical Engineer


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    RYZEN R5 3550H
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    8gb 2666mhz DDR4
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    GTX 1650
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    512 Nvme M.2 SSD
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    Logitech g402
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  1. as far as I know solid works does not support any GTX cards officialy. But they work with no problems. Thanks for your time.
  2. Hello everyone, I need a little help, I recently purchased a new laptop (ASUS TUF fx505dt). Equipped with GTX 1650. As a Mechanical Engineer I have to work with CAD every day and the issue is that whenever I start SolidWorks 2018, the interface is Glitchy AF, basically the Interface literally unusable. I did some research and turns out solid works does support GTX 1650 and there is no news on when the support will come either form solidworks or form nvidia. I tried turning software OPENGL on and it basically made the interface very very slow and laggy AF. If someone is also having this issue and somehow with help of magic has solved this issue please HELP ME! Thank you, Shri_Bhura SW_gllitch.webm