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  1. Hey everyone, I am looking for someone who can give me a quick headsup regarding VMs on an ESXi Server. I need to warn you, I am an absolute novice in regards to ESXi stuff. Long story short: I somehow fucked up a Snapshot of a machine and could not get it deleted. I got this issue somewhat resolved with resolution 1 from this guide HERE. So for like 5 minutes everything was fine, until I tried to delete the old VM without deleting the two .vmdk files which make up the two partitions of the VM I saved. Because I thought I could easily move the .vmdk files to the directory of the new VM, I admit, I am stupid. So now the two .vmdk files are neither in the old folder of VM1 nor in the folder of the freshly created VM2. I can however see these files if I were to setup a third VM and look for existing vmdk-files. Is there a way to create a new VM, connect the existing .vmdk files to it, and move these files also into the corresponding folder, and finally delete all other VMs? I know its probably difficult to understand what I tried to explain here, please understand, that I have no experience in this whatsoever... . Best regards Mcneck
  2. To be clear I dont want to get a 3080. I just wanted to know if it would bottleneck with my CPU, so that I could take a guess if there still would be a bottleneck with a 3070. I am not crazy about getting a 3070, but I noticed for example in RDR2 I barely got over 50fps sometimes below 30. And of course I am looking forward to play new games in the future such as Cyberpunk. (Raytracing would be nice to have, maybe I would give Metro Exodus a second run :>) I also plan to wait what Big Navi brings us exactly, before I make a purchase. I am aware that a 3070 would be more than plenty for my current needs. BUT sooner or later I will also upgrade to 4k or at least 1440p, so I am trying to plan ahead here... . My 1070 is still sufficient no doubt about it, but then again I guess in the next few months it will show its age when I start up things like Cyberpunk and whatever there is coming in the next years So my question still remains: will I get the maximum (stock) performance out of a 3070 with my CPU? Cheers Mcneck
  3. Hello everyone, I am currently running an i7 5820k at 4,2GHz in combination with an GTX 1070. I have currently 3 Displays with 1080p and one with 144Hz set up. I play a lot of different games from Anno 1800 to PUBG over Minecraft and so on... . Also I do work at my PC for university and work. I am thinking about buying a 3070 once its released and in stock, I know there are no real performance numbers out regarding the 3070, but I hope we can somewhat extrapolate from the performance of the 3080 what the 3070 will perform like. Can I somehow guess how my i7 will perform together with a 3070, or lets say an 3080? Please let me know if you need more information about my setup. Cheers Mcneck
  4. drying the drive with silicagelpads seems to have done the trick, the drive still works and I am copying everything thats important to me to the new drive, in case it fails at a later point in time.
  5. Honestly at this point I would contact MSI for support From what I can gather you pretty much tested every possibility and the only logical explanation to me would be, that your mainboard is defective... . Then again I dont have a ton of experience with errors such as this. I had similar issues with my last rig when I built it years ago and I also needed to contact the reseller, who did sent me quiet swiftly a new mainboard which fixed my problem. Coincidently it was also an MSI mainboard... . If you have, by any chance, another working GPU I would test your rig with that, but thats pretty much all I can think of for now.
  6. I found this in the Manual of the MAG B550 Tomahawk, JFP2 should be the connector you are looking for: regarding the Beep Codes, check this: https://www.lifewire.com/amibios-beep-codes-2624543
  7. Since you didn't write about it I assume you have no internal speaker installed. I would recommend getting your hands on a speaker, I think it can tell you more than the diagnostic LEDs can. I am referring to something like this:
  8. okay, that is unfortunate. I would recommend to test the mainboard outside of your case. From what I read on the web the only two left possibilities are, that either your mainboard is defect or something is somewhere shorting your mainboard. Did you screw in the spacers before you put in the mainboard?
  9. Idle temps seem normal to me, my 1070 has similar temps in idle. Dont know about the overclock temps though, my card would always crash when I tried overclocking it about 150mHz so no Idea if temps around 90 degrees would be normal. Either way, I wouldnt recommend letting it run that hot.
  10. Lets get the easy fixes out of the way first. Make sure the issue is either the monitor or the PC, also try using another cable just to be sure thats also not it. I would recommend to use the Monitor either on another Computer if possible or just disconnect your GPU and connect your Monitor directly to the Mainboard. This way you can locate the issue more accurately which makes it way easier to help you.
  11. I think you can reset the Bios with the following steps: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1264753/Asus-Prime-X370-Pro.html?page=22 No guarantee this will help, but it should undo the configurations you did before your PC tilted, that may help already...
  12. I tried to replicate your issue but had no success. Are your graphic drivers up to date? Also have you tried chaning the location of your taskbar? I've read this can sometimes solve issues when windows overlay to other displays. I dont know what kind of graphic driver you are using, but it may have a feature for "auto scaling" maybe you can find and try to use this feature.
  13. Well, I guess I need to order another WD RED. Someone in the market for a used watercooling loop?
  14. @AbydosOne, thanks for the tip, but I am using an adapter with an additional power supply. I wish it was an easy fix like this