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  1. Hey guys Im wondering if its okay when thermal paste is on your mainboard or does it effect your mainboard 20191014_121908.mp4
  2. But i cant restart i can only plug out the powersuplly
  3. No my BIOS Doesn't Boot I just got a Black screen
  4. Yesterday I got a new mainboard (asrock b450 steel legend ) and a new cpu ryzen 2700x I changed them with my old cpu ( i5 6600k ) and mainboard after the changes I started the pc everything was working but the cpu cooler was not working and my screen was black. After that I checked every cable on the mainboard and also the HDMI cable it was connect to the gpu and Monitor. Today I resetet the bios with unpluging the mainboard battery and waiting for 30 seconds and then putting it in again. After that the cpu cooler was working but the screen was still black... Pls help me I dont know what to do anymore