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  1. anytime. I believe some websites have a rebate, so you get some of the money back, but not sure how that'll work, or if it'll be worth the postage if you have to mail it internationally.
  2. Even if it does get bottle necked (it most likely will), out of the box it should perform slightly better than the 1660, but both are great cards. There's not *too* much difference between the models of 1660 Ti as far as I know, as long as your case has decent airflow. If I remember correctly, MSI has the best price to performance, but runs slightly hotter (around +2°c compared to Asus)
  3. I believe the MSI 1660 Ti is £232 on outletpc. If you can wait a bit for shipping (I believe they ship internationally) if you're thinking of the 1660^^