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  1. Don't forget to account for the loss from implementing RAID. It really sucks loosing data and raid is an easy way to protect it. The Ultrastar drives do go up to 14TB per drive with up to 512MB cache if that is what you are looking for.....
  2. You could look for a used server as it comes with hot-swappable drives, etc. and would probably be quite a bit cheaper than just all new hardware along with possibly having more power/functionality. As for drives, you need to stick with something designed for a NAS or servers. I'm using some WD Ultrastar drives that have been treating me well so far. They are rated for a lot more use than a standard consumer drive, with the 5 year warranty, and really don't cost much more than a WD Red drive.
  3. Currently I have the Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard and mouse set. I have loved them, except for the fact that my first keyboard failed after a couple years and now a year or so later, the replacement set is failing. Microsoft won't honor the warranty any longer as it is based on the original purchase date, not when I received the replacement. As it is a little absurd to spend another $130 for a new set that is unlikely to last 2 years, I'm looking for quality options that are not made by Microsoft. As the Microsoft product line is out of the picture, does anyone have some suggestions of similar mice to the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic mouse? I do have larger hands, so a larger and heavier mouse is a plus. At home I have a Corsair M65 Pro which is nice, but not ergonomic. As for price, it would be nice to keep it under $80. Wireless is great, but not a necessity. Any suggestions for a similar ergonomic keyboard that will actually last? Price range for the keyboard is under $150.