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  1. That's cool, you can produce on an Air but it won't be good for anything low latency wise the mid 2015 15" is the go to still.. (or newer) they're not that expensive used, but I just couldn't deal with the noise issue of the fans or the throttling of the cpu down to 800mhz or whatever, that's a total no-go for me, so needed to build a custom desktop, which is actually running really good, so I wanna invest in a gpu for it as well, and wait with the offical Mac purchase.
  2. Ya getting too much power delievered probably...anyway lesson learned the hard way haha..gotta say l love this little corsair sf750
  3. 2011 unfortunately on it's last legs so won't even sell it but get at least a mid 2015
  4. ya that's what the reviewer seller told me when i sent it back. didn't wanna do an rma but I think it might possibly have been driver related to, cause I got it a few weeks after release. Also, I was using questionable PSU so could have been that too, I dunnol..got a corsair platinum now just in case but it definitely didn't make me more positive about AMD though it's not technically (probably) AMD's fault.
  5. Ya I know, that's why I have a macbook pro 15" and built a desktop specifically to run MacOS on it fried my 5700 same day i got it and never got around to installing MacOS yet so ya, I agree.
  6. I've basically got a local deal on a 1 year old VII at 438 dollars or a remote deal on a gigabyte aorus 5700 xt 1 month old for 407 dollars or I could drop it and get a nvidia for half that probably..
  7. Thanks.. ya I'm on win 10 pro on my self built desktop and I bought everything to be MacOS compatible..bought a 5700 that I fried from not putting the power plug in perfectly, tiny gap and it got hot and burned a fresh amd card, had it running for like, an hour that was a year ago, now I just need to get done deciding and then get the right card, finally lol. I read that nvidia cards are easy to get to work for macos but I don't have spare gpus laying around if issues during install and generally ya I just like the thought of having MacOS on my desktop though I'm ok on windows right now i do get clicks and cracks in the audio and windows doesn't have core audio or core midi so it sucks for audio work really, which is why I'd like to go back to the MacOS and would like a gpu that works perfect on both platforms that'd be ideal, then I can wait with purchasing an expensive MBP and keep using my desktop for a long time. Maybe it's super easy and nothing to worry about going the nvidia route, I'm just not so sure it's worth it just for slightly better encoding and a noise gate
  8. Ya sorry for the pissy post, I was/am almost ready to pull the trigger on a aorus 5700 xt then I start googling last minute and see all these replies saying get a 2070 super instead of 5700 xt cause the stream is grainy etc. I'm like damn I don't wanna pay big bucks for an awesome card if it fails at even doing simple streaming...I should investigate more but it's like, endless...gamers nexus looks and sounds so damn dissapointed and Zzzzz when he reviews AMD products, not very reassuring as a new buyer, mind you this is my first actual dedicated gpu i'm gonna buy and as a musician, money don't hang on trees) musicians (real ones at least) tend to like truth. Not be bullshitted by dishonest reviewers and fanbois online the thing is it's like going to a car repair shop not knowing about cars he/she advices you about a car - unless that person is a genuinely decent human being, he/she is going to f'.. that customer over one way or the other. Has happened to me so many times it's starting to affect my mood and purchasing decisions (or lack thereof) I know both companies make great product. I also know I need something that doesn't give me problems. Basically that's what I'm truing to avoid. Bottlenecks and problems. Right now my GPU is the bottleneck and I don't know enough about the inner workings of a PC to tell what product to invest in specifially given my somewhat strange requirements ie. low/no latency audio & video real time computing with consumer electronics.
  9. Funny stuff...bout time they start using the gpu for some audio related stuff...the music business is faaar behind that shit we still got this overly expensive company UAD and theit archaic DSP based approach, would be much much better to just use the GPU for all the plugin processing (VST, AU) but no one has made that happen yet. removing background noise is is pretty familiar territory and something I could definitely use, expecially if I can do that without hurting the CPU, so that's actually a very interesting extra - thanks for the heads up, gonna investigate some more about what it can do and if it's of any use in my setup.
  10. Ya no worries, too much of a text wall I get it Only thing I seek is verifiable proof cause by statistics I should go with nvidia but I can't trust the snake Linus and was dead set on AMD till all this driver nonsense started with the navi lineup. (reason being it was Apples choice and thus totally compatible, so since I haven't done a hackintosh before,going AMD would be "easier" I thought...)
  11. Howdy folks. I've been following these canadian producers for years and they always have this archaic hate for apple and amd. I'm a producer/musician etc. I operate in PC and own a Mac too. I plan to install MacOS on my desktop PC so I can boot into that when I please. I do live 100% improvised 100% original (can you believe it? in this day and age, no covers, all original material? man, the thought of that gives me the chills - to think most people can't do that these days makes me sad, but gives me an advantage.) I see so much unqualified love for Nvidia products, and so much unqualified hate for AMD. Be it their drivers, their tech, their support, their choice of codecs, choice of colors in marketing and bla bla bla. I need real answers, real qualified quantified proven answers about what's up and down. See to me it is no coincidence that Apple chose AMD or that many businesses and Pro's choose AMD. I am NOT a gamer. Repeat: I AM NOT A GAMER I AM A MUSICIAN WHO DOES REAL TIME COMPUTING WORK WHO NEEDS A STABLE GPU TO WORK FOR MANY YEARS WITHOUT FAULT IN A PRO ENVIRONMENT RECORDING VIDEO LIVE (!) IA OBS WHILST THE SAME MACHINE HANDLES ABLETON LIVE MUSIC. Now for that, I need the ideal card for my budget, machine, and current availability. It's an ASRock z370 Pro4 with 24gb RAM, a delidded 8700K, Avermedia capture card (that has built in h.264 hardware encoder) I've been successfully using the built in intel 630 though I would like to keep my buffer at 128 so to avoid clicks and a gpu that's run via the cpu at 90+% utilization means I need a proper GPU to aleviate the CPU so the CPU can take care of music tasks mostly and the GPU or whatever else handles the video streaming and GUI's.. So why do I not want Nvidia? To me it's always been this gamer boy product that caters to gamers only and reminds me of the same crowd of kids who want AMD cpu's cause they're cheaper and has more threads -_- I need stability, safety in knowing it won't crash, be too noisy I do audio, everything get's into mics) I don't need RGB, max fps in games or any of that stuff. I need a pro gpu for pro touring/gigging/recording/studio work, not mining, or screen recording my gaming. I could end up screen recording some of my production work but besides that it'll be strictly cameras via hdmi into capture card into OBS as well as usb webcams into obs, then scene switching via Ableton midi out) and I'll be running up to 6 screens/monitors so I need a pro card like the Gigabyte Aorus 5700 XT or similar which has 6 display outputs. So my question is basically: wtf is up with all the childish Nvidia love without backing up the claims? Everywhere I turn it's like people have been so indoctrinated by nVidia ads and their friends and online "celebrities" telling them it's a better brand, better products, better drivers bla bla bla an no one cares to justify their claim other than saying the nvenc encoder is better than AMD, this is a typical example of a claim that is not being justified it's just being presented then the internet lurker can "make up his or her own mind" well I don't wanna make up my mind, I wanna know what the true numbers are, the truth about this minefield of GPU's of variying quality. I DONT WANT A WHINY LOUD OBNOXIOUS GPU THAT GETS SUPER HOT WITH FLAKY DRIVERS THAT CRASHES YOUR SYSTEM OR DOESNT WORK WELL WITH HACKINTOSH BUILDS I DONT WANT TO PAY A PREMIUM FOR A RADEON VII OR 2080 SUPER IF ALL I NEED IS TO USE MY CAPTURE CARD'S ENCODER AND COULD DO WITH A 1660 OR 570. I WORK IN PREMIERE PRO, LOGIC PRO X, FINAL CUT PRO X, ABLETON, OBS, REAPER. I RUN MANY CAMS, MANY USB DEVICES ETC. I DONT DO ANY HEAVY GPU WORK OTHER THAN EDITING THE VIDEOS, SO DON'T NEED 16GB RAM OR 10 MILLION GIGAFLOPS. So long story short, if anyone who isn't biased towards one vs the other could explain or link once and for all to definite proof that AMD sucks stay away from them, that nVidia is the greatest and their products are soo much better, that this or that gpu is the best for my situation, please do so now, or forever hold your peace. Even the damn comparison charts don't take any of the things I mention into account. They just state numbers and say the vii gets hotter than the 5700 etc. No where do I get proper info about how these things actually work in real life, why I must go for nVidia when I want AMD cause it's Mac compatible? Why does it matter so much about what encoder you use and what encoder should I get? Does it even matter an inch if we're up in the 5700 XT category? I mean do you guys seriouslly believe these things are no good for streaming when compared to nVidia? I'd hate for this silly little encoder issue to be the one that measn I go for nVidia, cause it'd be like buying an Android phone for me, ugh, *puke*. It's agiven I don't know really all the workings of a GPU, no one sat down and explained to me how these things work. All I see are idiotic reviewers claiming nVidia is so much better, when they're blatantly sponsored by them (puke again, ugh blatant marketing trolling one brand to get a penny from the other, double puke - UGH -_- So again, long story short, anyone able to verify all these bogus claims of nVidia superiority when it comes to streaming (NOT STREAMING GAMES - GET THOSE GAMES OUT OF YOUR DAMN HEAD) but streaming for Pro work, real work, real music, live, low latency means audio musn't click, means system ressources must be dedicated to handling one task at one time only (audio works like that, can't process two things at once, still, in 2020.. -_-) so I need get the perfect GPU that HANDLES EVERYTHING VIDEO RELATED, GUI RELATED, POSSIBLY ENCODING RELATED and I need some help in figuring out what that option is for my situation, not what the best option is for the 14 year old Twitch gamer streamer. Hope I make myself clear. I don't mean to piss on anyone in here I'm just ranting a little at the general group of geeks online who continually, for decades, seem to be on this never ending parade of wanting to out one company over the other, if for no other reason than to stroke their own ego or wallet.
  12. Ya that's exactly what I used to use and was trying to use, but it only shows the links, not the files, unless I click into each link where the files are presented, thus negating the downthemall feature..I read it might have something to do with the changes to Firefox 57 so that's why I'm asking for help
  13. hey anyone know how to easily download a bunch of files from withing a bunch of links? like this list https://archive.org/details/ninbot?and%5B%5D=.zip&sin=&sort=&page=3
  14. Good choice (I think) cause I recently upgraded to SF750 and couldn't be happier
  15. Now you're wrong about me being wrong. I never stated that it wasn't technically possible, like I explained since I know my history, there was the &fmt feature, which was an equally geeky hidden feature. They purposely removed that as soon as they found out it was becoming popular amongst people to add that to the end of their url before sharing a video, so that it would play in the optimal quality and you could even embed that fmt code into embededded videos, evil Google didn't like that. So please tell me if I was so wrong, WHERE ARE ALL THE 360P VIDEOS AT ?!!! Ok so there's an extension that no normal user knows about - I'm asuming it'll only work for anyone who also has that extension installed, thus still no embedding a forced quality onto your website for certainty the audience will see it in that quality, and thus I am not wrong one bit, my statement as you rightfully clarify is what 99% of youtube users experience AKA VANILLA EXPERIENC HAS NO 30 FPS OPTION FOR 60FPS UPLOADED CONTENT