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  1. I recently backed up my entire of my laptops drive up to my 1TB external hard drive. However, i decided i didn't want a backup so i went into the windows (D:) folder and just deleted everything and put some other things on there. There is also another drive called Local Disk (E:) but i cannot view that as a pop up comes saying I don't have permission. The main thing is, I tried formatting the external drive but it still appears as a 256GB drive instead of 1TB. Anyone know how to fix?
  2. How would this pair with a Samsung 970 Evo Plus
  3. I'm putting together a build for a friend (gaming rig) and what I have set up at the moment is a 1TB hard drive for his games and storage and then a small 970 256gb EVO NVMe for OS. If the game is stored on the hard drive though, does the hard drive load the game or the M.2?
  4. That's weird. I've heard from many other people that an NVMe M.2 SSD will transfer/read files significantly faster and the OS boot would be much faster...
  5. What about for like, NVMe SSD's or PCIe SSD's? Will there be an increase in transfer rates with PCIe 4.0?
  6. My budget for my pc is ~1000 Australian dollars for my pc. Since I'm on a budget and I'll probs only use a 1660 or 580 or small chance of a 570, I probs only want a 1920 X 1080 monitor with something like a 75 refresh rate. I wanna play overwatch, cyberpunk (when it's out), some fortnite (only for irl friends tho), borderlands and rainbow six siege.
  7. I've been looking at buying a monitor for my pc I will build soon, and I'm looking for a GPU somewhere between a 570 to a 1660 depending if I get enough money or not. I was originally looking at this 75hz Kogan Monitor for $139.99 (bear in mind this is in AUD). However, I was told that this model would have high input lag, and I should just save my money getting a 60 hz one. I don't know if this was true, I'm hoping someone can tell me if that is true or not. I also found another 75hz monitor for $115, however, TN panel over the VA one on the Kogan. If anyone has any good monitor recommendations or any tips/warnings or anything to look out for, would be much appreciated.
  8. They don't. The other SSD is a Crucial BX500 960 GB. Thought it was 950Gb sorry. Link
  9. I'm looking at a Western Digital 500GB M.2-2280. Here's The link if you want it: Link
  10. I was wondering if there is a real noticeable difference in load times, start times and other general use and performance in M.2 drives? Want to know if it is really worth it because I am debating about buying a 500GB M.2 drive for $97 AUD or just go with a 950GB SSD for the same price.