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  1. No production use here. Anything I deal with will get done twice at the most. I'm always setting up equipment for the shop I'm at or a friend's shop be it automotive or machine shop. I set up random stuff and usually just don't leave well enough alone. Helps me learn different things. And if it matters the quality of the camera is almost irrelevant. It needs to see a large target with reflective dots from approx 10 feet. I think even the worst camera would be able to pick that up without issue and be able to distinguish it from it's surrounding. So either the Kinect I have with the PC usb cable adapter or just some tiny usb cmos camera board I don't really care it really comes down to writing a program that I can use to recognize the target and press ctrl + alt + up or down arrow to move the actual alignment cameras up and down to follow the car on the lift. This was actually a real feature on this machine it just wasn't optioned as such. You could originally buy it with a 3rd camera and place a standalone target attached to the lift vs on the car so the camera system would follow the car up and down in the lift. I'm just trying to replicate this cheaply due to adding a snap on camera and different usb motor control board will run about 1600 dollars. That's more than what we paid for the used system.
  2. Any software recommendations for setting up what I need then? I don't have a problem buying a camera I did find my old 360 Kinect down in my basement lol.
  3. Java class I had based on using Alice. Alice is like a UI for Java that lets you make things in java without knowing java. Also prevents you from actually learning Java.....so ya complete waste but hey my professor designed Alice and wrote a book and the school let her teach from it and make her book required course material. What a scam.
  4. Just brainstorming here anyone that's played with Kinect for windows may be able to answer. I'm going to be setting up another automotive alignment machine. The cameras are on a motorized post so you raise the car on the rack and then raise the cameras to the correct height. I would like to use a first gen Kinect to look at my camera targets on the vehicle wheels and have software written to automatically press the hot keys to raise and lower the cameras based on where the targets are in the kinects field of view. Is this something achievable? It will have to work with win 7 32bit. Like I said just thinking out loud. I have not bought a Kinect or downloaded the sdk.
  5. The m.2 form doesn't come up as often for me. I'm usually working on stuff to old to use nvme as boot. I've used Intel 660p and 665p drives for editing and transcoding drives in a few systems with good luck. No issues to report there either. They don't bench near Samsung but for the dollar they're awesome. I've also used m.2 Sata wd blue drives in a couple sff computers with an adapter card in a pcie slot to add additional drives in some cases. Those fall into the category of not having seen the systems since install.
  6. Really I'm just seeing what luck all of you have had long term with whatever SSD you chose. My best experience was with the Intel 545s. I bought a few back when they were cheap. No problems what so ever and good performance. Samsung 860 Evo gave me problems with older systems like having to use csm to get the system to boot while cloning the drive to a hdd worked fine without...mx500 drives I haven't had a failure but crystal disk starts showing wear without much use. I have a few wd blue drives out there. No failures reported but I haven't seen the systems since install so I can't say anything about wear levels. I may just keep using the blues but I'm looking for a reliable low priced SSD to toss in random systems.
  7. Yes I've noticed anything electronic related is out of stock due to the limited workforce and a bored world lol. Good news she gave me 2 months to set it up lol. How many wives tell you that you have 2 months to do something. Anyways I did check out the amcrest products and they seem reasonable. I have to read up on the streaming server because I'm obviously not familiar with it.
  8. Hey I'll toss in that just about everyone I know has had me put a laptop together for them. I use Dell latitudes. Off lease with either an I5 or i7 cpu. I try to stay 4th gen at the oldest and I constantly browse Newegg for deals. Only buy something listed as grade A. A few I've gotten I think we're left over stock with no visable signs of use. Others were is perfect shape with a mediocre battery which after contacting the seller I had them send me a new one. With that price range you will have no problem getting what was at one time a 1500 to 2000 dollar laptop with probably 16gb of ram and an SSD with windows 10 pro. I usually shop in the 400 to 500 range with one exception when I got a precision laptop that was about 700.
  9. Hey just looking for some info and opinions. My wife wants me to put up a couple indoor cams and a doorbell cam. I'd like them to be wireless network wise anyways I have no issue powering anything. Being able to check video feed from an Android app is something that's a must. However I'd like to be able to save video locally. I will not spend the money on the Google products even though I have a nest home and a few of the Google speakers already I considered them reasonable for the price but their doorbell and cameras I think are way overpriced. I found alot of cameras that work via an app and I could also run an emulator on a PC for that app if it's possible to save to a hard drive. I've only played with BlueStacks so my kid can play games on the PC. I'm also not opposed to things like raspberry pi even though I have no experience with them. I'll set up whatever I just don't want to waste my time if it ultimately won't work.
  10. So for anyone who cares I guess the issue was changing the HDMI input type while the PC was on. I set it to 2.0 with the tv on PC off then powered up the PC. Display was fine and I was presented with a 1440p 60hz option in Nvidia control panel. Seemed to take a decent load off the GPU and I couldn't tell the difference. I have to experiment now with game settings to see how low I can get GPU utilization with good settings.
  11. Are you creating that refresh rate or is it listed to use for that monitor? Have you tried disabling your laptops display when you connect your monitor?
  12. So got our Iracing rig geeked up at work with a 50" 4k tcl 4 series tv. No display ports on it so to avoid any I'll effects I bought a HDMI 2.1 cable. I know the tv nor the GPU have 2.1 I believe they are both 2.0b. it's been playing now at 4k 60hz just fine but I was interested in seeing how low I could get the utilization of the GPU going to 1440 to investigate going triple screen. I didn't have a 1440 60hz option so I figured I'd check what the HDMI input was set to. It was set on auto so I set it to 2.0. it technically should have already been using this to do 4k 60hz but when I changed that and selecting the input for the PC leads to a distorted and tinted and otherwise awful looking display. On auto it looks great. All I wanted to see is if my "approved" list of resolutions and refresh rates would change. Any ideas? I don't have personal access to the rig because it's at work so I can't try anything until I'm back there tomorrow.
  13. That's very possible. I don't know what to do with this PC so I thought I'd try to install something current and light weight. My kid always bugs me to play Minecraft over lan and he has me download tons of mods and shaders and whatnot. Half of them are virus's and I was sick of installing stuff on a rig I actually want to use.
  14. I just tried 18.04 live. Same issue. Difference is there is alot more info out there for 18.04 as far as how it's configured. Going to try and trouble shoot it on this os. I should probably just leave it at 18.04 if I can make it work but if I can transfer what I find out to 20.04 I may go back to it for really no reason lol. Last resort is going to be pulling one of my pcie wireless cards out of another rig to test. Don't know if anyone noticed in the pci info I posted but the other nic I tried was a fast 100 pci card I found in one of my drawers never thought I'd pull that out for something.