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    Hard disk drive only, not interested on SSD due to wear and tear
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    Just a kid who runs great games on Intel 3000/4000


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    Intel i3-2350m @ 2.3ghz
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    4gb DDR3 (awful)
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    Intel HD Graphics 3000
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    500 Gb HDD and 4 USB running Raid 0
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    Normal TV
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    RealTek HD Audio
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  1. Yep, even I uninstalled it, it still occuring,
  2. Same issues after I installed KB4497165, just kill the WIMW process that consumes disk resources, and disable updates, and i'm using DELL too,
  3. Since I installed the KB4497165, I got crazy issues like : Run box history keep disappearing every Hibernate/Shutdown/Restart Visuals and Appearances are keep going back to my old settings Disk always @ 100~90% Everything is going back to my old settings What shall I do (Don't offer a Fresh Start. Just, Don't)
  4. The update was only Intel Microcode update, imma change the question how to get it fixed (Pretend that the update is nothing to do, pretend that some software altered the settings)
  5. After the KB4497165 installed, restarted, and booted fine, but after I use lock hotkey, it won't work after all, it just open start menu
  6. @Semper (Sorry if I misunderstand) If PATA, theres is connection, If SATA?
  7. Does CPU affect disk access times? I need deep explaination to prove im right to my dad
  8. I have 5.1 surround setup, and to be clear, my dad thought that a single 3.5 mm jack could handle a 5.1 audio (like coax does).
  9. So me and my dad had quarrel about 3.5 mm jack that it can carry 5.1 even it is not possible, he thinks that a device like this (https://s.lazada.com.ph/s.Za0F0) can make 2ch to "Real 5.1" even it is only make "Virtual 5.1" or stereo only. I need some deep facts about it and it is not possible to carry a 5.1 on 2 rca cable or on 3.5 mm jack Some info: Audio source: Toshiba Satellite L775 (CAN'T PRODUCE 5.1!) Amplifier : Yamaha RX-383 (Can upmix to Virtual 5.1)