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chaotic kronos

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About chaotic kronos

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  • CPU
    i9 7920x
  • Motherboard
    Asus prime deluxe x299
  • RAM
    32 gb
  • GPU
    2 x 1080ti
  • Case
    corsair crystal 570x
  • Storage
    Samsung nvme 2 tb
  • PSU
    evga 1000
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    razer black widow v2
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    Asus Rog gx531gx
  1. Unless mobility is a must for you ( which mean a laptop) then I would go for a pc .. I personally got both . But I change my laptop on a slower pace as I got a pc . Pc got every thing going for it except mobility It goes cheaper prices Upgradablity If ur cpu or gpu is old u can change it while holding on to the rest of the system (cheaper upgrades) And if noise is an issue for you laptops runs way louder than pc
  2. Nah the zip ties is to reduce the chances of leaking not to seal it some even clap it . But the tubing is a perfect fit
  3. Idk if I could get away with any thing as I found 1 video saying aio uses 6/12 tubing and the soft tubing that I found is 9.5/12.7 but linus seemed to be using normal soft tubing. That's why I thought I should ask the forum maybe some one did it before and got some specifications as I'm going in blind
  4. thought about it but found out that it would make it hell to maintain the loop and bleeding air from loop gonna be a nightmare so I don't mind pay for a combo unit. The only reason that didn't make me buy a full loop is that it felt wasteful as I had this system for 2.5 years now and at most I would have 2 to 3 years more at max before I would have to change some components out so my plan is to get the most out of my system now and when I upgrade I would buy a full loop
  5. They r thermaltake water 3 360 Thermaltake waste 3 120 Corsair h115i pro rgb
  6. I saw linus in a recent video using an aio for an open loop which got me think before any one kills me by what I'm going to say I would like to say that this was my first pc that I built my self so go easy on me . I watercooled the cpu and 2 gpu ( yes I know 2 gpu is useless now so don't rub it in) with aios and nzxt g12 brackets The issue that I got is that the cpu and 2nd gpu gets significantly warmer than 1st gpu .( 1 gpu is the main 1 ) and that's because the 1st gpu got 360 aio on it ( I would have liked to use 360 aio on cpu but its 280 block doesn't fit g12 brackets) So i ended with 280 on cpu ,360 on 1st gpu and 120 on 2nd gpu And throwing all that is close to throwing 500ish $ and a full loop for my setup is about 1000$ so I was think of buying a pump reservoir combo and turning it to an open loop with what I got . Any thoughts or where should I start from
  7. so i just bought a new laptop and its kinda expensive .. after looking i didn't find any one talking about any hardware dmg duo to undervolting however i wanted to check so does any one knows if undervolting does any kind or hardware dmg