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  1. also is there a better mobo with more PCI-E slots by chance?
  2. thanks guys for the tips so far, writing this stuff down! i suppose i could go Ryzen 7 instead of it would be more feasible.
  3. So im upgrading from an FX-8350 system to a Ryzen 9 3900X. I could use some help choosing the best parts within a 1500 dollar budget. So all i really need is a mobo that can support plenty of HD's and at least 3 PCI-E slots if not more.I want 32 GB's of ram. I also want to upgrade my primary drive to something like a 1TB M.2 as well. So what i need help looking and choosing for: Motherboard Ram CPU Cooler Primary M.2 That's all i can think of. SO any and all help/input will be appreciative!