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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
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    B450 Aorus Elite
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    2x 4gb Hyper X
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    MSI GTX 1050ti 4gb
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    Bequiet : System power 9 600W
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    1080p display

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  1. By the way, is it worth buying a replacement battery now ?
  2. I'd like to know how to extend my battery life span (limit the wear of the battery over time). Any tips or habits that i should be aware of. I have a Lenovo ideapad flex 5, and i'm impressed on how little time the battery takes to recharge. I heard somewhere that charging a battery at a fast rate can be more damaging to it, than charging at a slower rate (take this with a grain of salt of course). Maybe there's a mode that charges my battery faster? What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.
  3. Yeah, i said CAD just in case but that's definetly not a disater if my laptop cannot do CAD. With that said, any recommendations? How about a chromebook? It usually says that chromebooks have like 64Go of SSD capacity, i feel like this is comicly low.
  4. Hello, Budget : under 400 $ So i'm looking for a laptop for school. Writing word documents and excel sheets. I will learn CAD but i think that's out of my price range. Of course i want a battery that can last a day( while using word/excel), and a good boot time (SSD it is). Bonus points if it has a touchscreen. I'm not planing on playing games on it, however i want to use Nvidia Geforce Now to stream games on my laptop. That one kind of caught my eye but i'm concerned that the amount of RAM is low. I have a good desktop computer but i don't want to carry it in my new appartment. Is there a way to stream desktop computer to my laptop? (alternative to Nvidia Geforce Now). Thanks a lot guys.
  5. Hopefully there's a wifi I can borrow. That's where a laptop comes useful.
  6. Hi, I'm going to visit an appartement that I may rent for my studies. I'd like to test the internet connection but I don't know how. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  7. So what do you to look for (compatibility wise) when adding sticks of RAM? For instance is it possible to add 2 sticks of 8gb when i already have 2 sticks of 4gb?
  8. I feel like my current temps are pretty high especially when idling it's around 40ºC. And while gaming (AC Odyssey) it's around 55ºC . I already made a post about that issue but people told that it was normal for a processor.
  9. I know that there's a website that will check if your drivers are up to date but I don't remember what it's called? Do you have any to update all drivers at Once?
  10. Hi, So my mouse randomly disconnect since i change my motherboard, (and my RAM, and my CPU, and my case, and my PSU). Usually it's connected directly through the motherboard with an extension usb cable. i did the exact same thing with my old motherboard and it worked flawlessly. I tried to connect my mouse (without the extension cable) through my case : same deal,tried with other mouses : same deal. I dis tried to update the mouse drivers (by right-clicking at the windows logo) but it says it's already up to date. I even update the BIOS a month ago and nothing changed. When my mouse suddenly stops working, it says (in parameters > peripherals) that windows couldn't identify the peripheral. What can i do t fix thi issue then?
  11. Here's the deal : I have a Cryorig H7 plus (Air cooler) with two fans which can spin at 1500rpm. And i also have another fan which can spin up to 2200rpm but i only have one. The two 1500rpm fans are connected with a fan cable splitter. So my idea is to simply connect the 1500rpm fan on one side and the 2200rpm fan on the other. So i'm wondering if i replace one "slow" fan for the fast fan could result in any problem? And if replacing the fan will improve my cooling?
  12. Hello, I bought a used GPU and it has has coil whine and i'm Wondering if it could be a sign that my GPU has other problems that could appear in the future? Currently it works has expected, except for the noise. It's a 1070 from gigabyte. I know I can't do anything about it, but if it's only the noise it's fine for me.
  13. A used 1070 to or a 1660 super seems interesting