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  1. The EZ DEBUG LED on the old motherboard is lighting up DRAM After a google search it seems like the issue is its not detecting ram.
  2. I did and nothing happened.
  3. I have tried with the GPU out and the HDMI cable plugged into the motherboard.
  4. As far as I know, no? I have no way of telling since it gives no video output but the fans are spinning and the lights are on.
  5. I was upgrading my CPU from a i5 6400 to a i5 9500 and and after I did that I was getting No Signal on my monitors despite them being plugged in. I've tried re seating the RAM and the GPU. I've tried with and without the GPU. I've tried different cables in various places. I even tried switching back to the old motherboard and CPU and still no video output. It's not the monitors and It's not the video cables... what is the issue? PLEASE HELP! Specs: ASRock B365 Pro4 (New Motherboard) MSI B150 (Old Motherboard) Intel Core i5 9500 (New CPU) Intel Core i5 6400 (Old CPU) AMD RX480 EVGA 650W GQ