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  1. Edit: forgot to mention I installed an NZXT internal usb hub. Long story short after some trial and error, its the hub thats making it trip. So I just took it out and its all good now.
  2. Will give it a shot when I get home from work and let you know
  3. I still get the message upon booting up but theres nothing that appears to be wrong with it
  4. Swapped out a 500w PSU that came with my pre built for an EVGA B3 750w PSU. Install went fine and the system booted. Played some games for an hour or two then went to sleep. Woke the next day and started it up, was then met with "system triggered anti surge due to unstable power supply" ?? Tried to see if there was any loose connections but everythings fine. Had no system crashes or bugs and ive just ignored it n carried on. Was wondering if it was just tripped because i changed it and its just in a loop? Can anyone help me diagnose the problem