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  1. That's one of the reasons why i'm asking as well why i linked to the post. It would be nice if i can go for that one because it's cheaper, but i won't sacrifice system safety for that. That said, i'm no expert, so i wanted to hear more experienced ppl than myself.
  2. I have already seen plenty of Rankings, my intention is to know which one of the mentioned options would be the best value considering my intentions.
  3. Hi, as the title says, i'm from Argentina and everything here is from 2 to 3+ times more expensive than in the US. I have reduced my options to ones i will list next and i would like to hear opinions about which one would make for the best value. But before that, i will say that my most demandind use would be probably gaming-video editing at 1080p. Main games: Black Desert, Warframe (sporadicaly some others, Witcher, Nier, Tomb Raider, etc). The most demandind piece of hardware the psu would have to power would be a Gygabite 1060 6gb. Also, my biggest worry/intention behind this purchase would be security. By that i mean that the PSU has all the protections it needs to avoid burning the rest of the components down. I do have a Voltage Stabilizer..if that means anything. Electricity where i live is pretty stable, rarely goes down. Perhaps 1 or rarely 2 times a year. 220v from wall connection is pretty stable overall i think (variations of around 5v here andn there), i have used a tester in several occasions to check it. Potential PSUs: Seasonic Focus 750w 80+ Gold $212 Thermaltake Thoughtpower Grand RGB 750w 80+ Gold $165 Corsair RM 550x 550w 80+ Gold $130 Thermaltake Thoughtpower Grand RGB 650w 80+ Gold $130 Thermaltake Smart 600w 80+ $75 (IK it ain't that good, but like i said, i'm just looking for protection for the rest of the components) I've seen the protections being mentioned here: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/thermaltake-smart-series-psu-question.3360759/ "If you can't swing the money for the Corsair, then the Smart series would at least be an improvement over what you have now by a fair measure. At least it has dependable protections in place. I wouldn't trust that Apevia unit to power a light bulb. " Also, here the TT 750 seems to have some somewhat reasonable justified answers: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1052167-are-the-thermaltake-toughpower-grand-rgb-good/ Thanks a lot in advance for any help.