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  1. @Skiiwee29 thanks for the suggestion! Will try to do so! @doomsriker i appreciate your reply and insight!
  2. Setup: Monitor - BenQ DL2020 GPU - Asus Gtx 1050ti CPU - Intel i5-8400 Mobo - Asus TUF H370 (non wifi) PSU - forgot the brand 450W RAM - 2x8GB Kingston HyperX Fury HDD - 2x Toshiba 1TB Happened a while ago. Bumped my knee into the table. Table wobbled and so is my monitor. After a few minutes, the flickering starts to happen. This is what it looks like: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=12eeCS5fbShpOkXS3ljx1FKuSHJcUk6Av First thing I did was to unplug and plug the DVI cable. No luck. Then I reseated my GPU. No luck. Tried to restart my PC. Still no luck. Noticed that when i unplugged the DVI cable, the message "no signal cable detected" was still flickering and the start-up display of the monitor isn't showing up as well. Although it comes back to normal every after ~30-ish minutes. Soi am narrowing it down to the monitor as the culprit. My BenQ DL2020 is 3yrs old right now. Just by the context of this, can someone kindly confirm if this is the right assumption? So that i could solve this immediately. Im a college student and i dont have a laptop so its kind of a hassle to bring this to a service store and wait for a couple of days cuz they said that they have a queue of pc to be diagnosted before me. Thank you for taking time to read this! First post, really need help T_T received_554737131933586.mp4 received_502714710289491.mp4