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  1. No one has advice about the build itself?
  2. Thank you for your comment. Thats why i said waiting for the follow up to 5700... 5800 of whatever it might be called. Basically 1 graphics card now (2080 super) and one next year. Spread the cost a bit.
  3. Hello! The video Linus posted here got me interested. Mac OS and Windows next to eachother on the same systeem? Yes please! I want to build a pc that can run these two OS in the future. edit: use case of this pc Will be obviously gaming, Photoshop, programming in various languages focussed on neural netwerking, virtualization. This is what i had so far. Pcpartpicker I want to add another graphics card for The Mac OS side when the follow up to 5700 comes out next year. So a bit of future proofing. But i want the 2080 super now for gaming. I was waiting for The 3950x But thay's been delayed for 2 months and i'm tired of waiting. What is your advice?