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  1. Currently opening the computer to find it as I cannot find the box, I know it's a 650 watt
  2. Hi I got my new computer a couple of months ago and have had some rather unusual things happen when launching particular games. These include (very inconsistently) Arma 3 on any gamemode, a couple of times on Counter Strikes battle royale mode, Minecraft fairly often and just today the Modern Warfare beta. In the case of Modern Warfare, the moment a map starts to load my monitor will become disconnected (sometimes the sound works and my friends can sometimes still hear me, but this is inconsistent). My fans will also immediately start running at jet engine speeds and I'm forced to basically hold down the power button. This the the case for all the previous games and I've found no way of recreating it because of its inconsistency and there are no crash reports on my pc, in the game or in the BIOS so I'm VERY confused. My specs are: Windows 10 Education 16GB RAM i5-8600k 3.6GHz EVGA GTX 1080 If any other information is required please let me know, and thank you in advance!