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  1. What app on my Samsung s9 can i use to see how hit my graphics card die is getting while ime heating it up with a heat gun?
  2. Why would you choose the 1080ti?
  3. It's not a problem. I'm going to stick with the RTX. It has better cooling and Raytracing. Thanks
  4. I just bought an EVGA GTX 1080ti sc2 icx from a friend of mine for $200. I also recently bought a new Gigabyte RTX 2070 super OC . My rig has a Ryzen 7 2700x. What card should I keep in my system. Thanks in advance for your info.
  5. I've seen I can get a Rx 590 for less than $200. Would that go well also?
  6. Which one? I have a $200 budget
  7. What brand would you buy? I have a $200 budget for this.
  8. Which 570 or 580 would you get? There are alot to choose from and I have a budget of $200-$225.
  9. I want to know if a 1050ti would be a good match for a Ryzen 5 1600x. If not what would be a good match for this CPU? Thx in advance for the advice.
  10. So a Corsair H11i pro with a 280mm rad wouldn't do the trick? I'm not an experienced builder and I've never built a custom waterloop.