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  1. I am building a PC for a friend (I've built about 14ish so far), but I'm encountering an issue I've never seen before. It has a R5 2600, 16 GB of RAM, a RX 570, and a 2 TB Seagate Hard Drive. In Task Manager, disk usage is pinned at 100% for the first 10 minutes on start up, but the data rates fluctuate between 2 MB/s and 50 MB/s. When attempting to download games from Steam, the rates go between 55 MB/s and 1 MB/s, pinned at 100% usage at the lower end, but occasionally lowering to 80% at the high end. Using common sense, I'd think that since the top end is 55 MB/s, there's no reason it should be reading 100% usage at 2 MB/s or that there should be so much "lag" during these times. Also, it seems to be bottle necking my download speeds because I usually sit at 30+ MB/s on Steam, but it's stopping and restarting in a cycle and only hitting 13 MB/s at most. Any ideas on what I should do?