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  1. Okay. I get it. So it's normal that one of the usb ports behaves like this.
  2. Hello everyone. I recently found out that one of the usb ports on my motherboard began to work strangely. That is, when I connect a phone, power bank to it, it charges them without any problems. But if I connect a USB flash drive or portable hard drive to this slot, he doesn’t read them. What could be the problem? Can the port fail? Then how does it charge the devices? All drivers are stably installed! Motherboard: B360 AORUS GAMING 3 WIFI.
  3. The topic can be closed. The fault was the connected receiver from the GameSir T4 joystick. I just pulled the application out of the usb port and that's it. The computer started to go to sleep as expected. Thanks for the GoodBytes advice!
  4. I have a B360 AORUS GAMING 3 WIFI motherboard. I can not find where the energy management. I didn’t touch anything there. All drivers are installed.
  5. Does anyone have any idea why the power settings do not work on Windows 10 ?!
  6. The fact is that my power settings do not work at all. That is, even the screen does not turn off after a certain time. Everything is turned on properly. But the parameters that I set do not react in any way. By the way, I even reinstalled the entire system from scratch the other day. After installing any game through Steam, such a problem begins.
  7. Hello everyone, dear friends. Installed on my computer Windows 10 Pro. Such a problem started. The screensaver does not start. What I just did not do. I checked the power settings. The screensaver itself is turned on. What could be the problem ?!
  8. Yes, there will be two controllers. I have a B360 AORUS GAMING 3 WIFI motherboard.
  9. Hello everyone, dear friends. I would like to consult with you, I have a Thermaltake View 27 case I’m going to put 5 fans in. I want to purchase an Aerocool ORBIT RC but it only has a set of 3 fans and, accordingly, a maximum of 3 fans can be connected to the hub. Can I purchase a second set and connect everything to a single system without problems?