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  1. correct, and when I put in the original HDD all is fine. (the pc goes straight to windows). I also tried an old 120 gb SSD with windows I have but the laptop doest want to boot to that one either but it does get recognised in the BIOS.
  2. Just a normal SATA 2.5'' SSD because the laptop doesn't have any other ports.
  3. Yup, I used the media creation tool from the microsoft site. Tried 2 USB sticks already and the ports do work.
  4. Yeah I know, that's why I'm here Like I said it does show up in the installer and after formatting the SSD when it shows 'Copying Windows files' it stays at 0%, no matter how long I wait.
  5. I thinks so, the SSD is recognised in the BIOS
  6. Hello everyone So the problem I'm facing is that when I want to boot from any hdd/sdd that isn't the original HDD the laptop came with it just shows me the boot options but won't boot from any of them. The laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad 110-15ACL and a friend asked me to upgrade it with an SSD like I've done with a lot of laptops before, but never have I come across this problem. I Tried installing Windows 10 from a bootable USB and it does recognize the SSD in the installer but won't copy any files. I also tried installed Windows 10 on the SSD trough my desktop and that worked but than when I install it in the laptop it just doesn't want to boot from it. I already tried changing BIOS options (secure boot, etc) but no luck so far. Thanks in advance.